MC2 has been telling stories for almost ten years.


At first, it was mostly our stories. Documentaries and TV series that allowed us to travel around the world and around the corner to share new ways of living and thinking. Our passion has always been to reach people, touch them, and make them react. And we truly believe that despite the overabundance of content available everywhere at any time, our work is still relevant. In fact, it’s never been so meaningful.


Over the years, we have developed a flexible and easy way to produce powerful and inspiring content. Clients and brands also benefit from our passion when it comes to telling their stories. From research, copywriting, on location casting, studio shooting, to organizing tours lasting several weeks on Canada’s roads or those of West Africa in view of creating parallel content on video, with pictures and texts for the social media, our team adapts itself to our partners’ needs to provide customized service. 


E=MC2? Our interpretation of relativity is that a good story is a good story. Some are told by independent creators. Others are told by brands.


We do both.