We live in a world where self-image has become an obsession, where we can no longer ignore the role that medicine and science play in our never-ending quest for beauty.

By exploring the stories of the men and women who choose to have cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance,  as well the testimonies of doctors and plastic surgeons, and enlightening interviews with experts from related fields, Body “À La Carte” explores the increasingly popular and fascinating phenomenon of cosmetic surgery.








Jean-Simon Chartier’s documentary is about aesthetic medicine. […] Superficial, you say? Yes, but revealing a malaise conditioned by a society focused on appearance. – Le Devoir (Read in French)


Without ignoring the abuse and possible dangers, the director believes that the media coverage of the industry is very alarmist, even sensationalist. In Body à la carte, he exposes a very different reality. – Radio Canada (Read in French)


Body à la carte  paints a striking portrait of an industry that is growing here and around the world.. – CTVM (Read in French)


Physical beauty in all its aspects, and under the knife, this is the universe that is explored by Jean-Simon Chartier in his documentary Body à la carte. – RDI Matin (Watch more)


A truely interesting documentary. – Isabelle Maréchal, 98.5 FM (Listen to the interview with Dre Blackburn)


It gives an overview of the techniques, but we also meet real people who have had surgery or non-surgical interventions. – Gravel le matin, Radio-Canada (Listen more)