Dans la peau du Dr Miami

Michael Salzhauer, alias Dr Miami, est le chirurgien le plus célèbre d’Amérique. Ils sont des millions qui le suivent quotidiennement pendant qu’il diffuse en direct des procédures de chirurgie plastique sur les réseaux sociaux, le tout avec le consentement enthousiaste de ses patientes qui se proclament « guerrières de la beauté ». Reconnu pour le personnage scandaleux qu’il incarne dans les médias sociaux, ce médecin, dont la liste d’attente atteint deux ans, a une vie privée très différente de ce à quoi on pourrait s’attendre.

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Miami Film Festival will present the online world premiere of the Canadian documentary They Call Me Dr. Miami on April 25 and 26. – Screen Daily (Read)

2020 festival titles to stream via the CBC include Jean-Simon Chartier’s They Call Me Dr. Miami, about a celebrity plastic surgeon who livestreams butt lifts and breast surgeries. – Hollywood Reporter (Read)

The film examines how Salzhauer grapples with the reality of selfie culture, backlash to his controversial videos (…), all while balancing his roles as a father of five, and a conservative Orthodox Jew who observes the Sabbath. – Variety (Read)

Through its fun and balanced profile of Dr. Salzhauer, They Call Me Dr. Miami opens up a wider consideration of body image and self-promoting shamelessness. – POV Magazine (Read)

Director Jean-Simon Chartier creates an entertaining and thoughtful exercise in contradictions with They Call Me Dr. Miami. – The Gate (Read)

The Jean-Simon Chartier-directed film focuses on Dr. Michael Salzhauer, whose outrageous social media persona includes daily live-streams of graphic plastic surgery procedures. – Indie Wire (Read)

Watch Jean-Simon Chartier’s They Call Me Dr. Miami (May 14), a biopic about celebrity plastic surgeon and reality TV star Dr. Michael Salzhauer. – Now Toronto (Read)

With this complex and captivating portrait, the director wanted to probe the idea of perpetual self-representation. – Le Devoir (Read)

Celebrated for his outrageous social media persona, this documentary follows the most famous surgeon in America. – Toronto Sun (Read)

The golden age of “sharing” and social media has taken us to places as a society we never imagined – Vents Magazine (Read)

First there was Tiger King; now there’s the Snapchat King. – Miami New Times (Read)

They Call Me Dr. Miami is a fun and captivating commentary on our looks-obsessed society and selfie culture. – Miami Festival – 2020 Programmer Picks (Read)

They Call Me Dr. Miami is an extremely entertaining documentary. -Disappointment Media (Read)

They Call Me Dr. Miami does not seek to expose or endorse the plastic surgery industry as a whole, but rather the spectacle of it through the lens of Dr. Miami. – Screen Anarchy (Read)

The documentary delves into critiques of cosmetic surgery and beauty obsession. – Miami New Times (Read)

They Call Me Dr. Miami is a fun and captivating commentary on our looks-obsessed society and selfie culture. – Miami Film Festival – 2020 Programmer Picks (Read)

Chartier builds a complex portrait of a consummate professional who nevertheless long ago crossed a moral Rubicon, no matter his religious misgivings. – Hammer To Nail (Read)

They Call Me Dr. Miami was meant to be one of the highlights of the festival, scheduled to make its world premiere. – Sun Sentinel (Read)

Ready to make its world premiere on March 12, the documentary, They Call me Dr. Miami, was one of the first public events in Miami to get caught in the crosshairs of coronavirus. – Art Bust (Read)

“… Exposed here are the kind of fun lifestyles and flashiness that generally make for fascinating stories… They Call Me Dr. Miami shows that this business should very much be everyone’s business when it becomes a health hazard…” – Film Threat (Read)

Intriguing, entertaining documentary, one which breaks new ground on the subject of plastic surgery. – Shockya (Read)

Canadian filmmaker Jean-Simon Chartier (Playing Hard) follows Salzhauer from operating room to temple without judgment, holding up his two sides for contemplation. – Original Cin (Read)

Canadian director Jean-Simon Chartier manages to make something worthy of the greatest documentaries to showcase important issues. – Hollywood North Magazine (Read)

This is an entertaining and surprisingly thoughtful look at plastic surgery and religious faith, and trying to balance a life rooted in tradition with the demands of an increasingly vain and image-focused modern society. – One Movie, Our Views (Read)

A glimpse of the famed plastic surgeon’s life beyond social media. – Auburnlane (Read)

In the brisk eighty-seven-minute running time Chartier does not spare the spectacle. « They Call Me Dr. Miami » explores the ethical dilemmas that arise from Salzhauer’s unorthodox approach to his practice. – CTV News (Read)

Canadian docs in the Special Presentations program include a particularly odd film They Call Me Dr. Miami. – Northern Stars (Read)